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Martin Aquatic

Macrocap Labs is one of the top contract manufacturers in the state of Florida for dietary supplements and carbonated beverages.

Founded in: 2010


Seminole County



Employee Growth 2019-2023

25% Increase

Revenue Growth 2019-2023

67% Increase

Christopher Wagner


Was there an “ah-ha” moment that led you to the company?

The turning point for MacroCap was pivoting from a marketing house creating different brands of in-house supplement companies to a hybrid contract manufacturing model.

As we shifted into the hybrid contract manufacturing model, we found that many customers resembled us just 10 years ago. A young entrepreneur with a passion for fitness and an idea for a product but find themselves overwhelmed with the process of building a business.

We found that lending our time-tested and proven in-house processes to service burgeoning nutraceutical companies created huge value for those trying to find their way in this industry.

So what started as a plan to boost revenue within the framework of our manufacturing processes transformed the company into a boutique consulting firm with robust manufacturing capabilities that was positioned to take clients from and idea to an operational business in an incredibly short time frame.

What’s your company culture like?

Through our periods of rapid growth, MacroCap has dedicated itself to maintaining a tight-knit culture, giving us a “small company” feel despite current departments dwarfing their size from even a few years ago.

We foster this culture through a combination of progressive management practices and company engagement.

With top-down dedication to wellness in the workplace, each employee can feel assured that their needs are recognized and are a priority in the business.

MacroCap’s greatest innovation is the synthesis of manufacturing and marketing. Our roots as a supplement brand have given us the unique position of serving clients beyond simple product manufacturing.

This is best illustrated through our explosive growth as we pivoted towards full-service nutraceutical consulting.

We had spent years building an in-house team to service our own brand portfolio, and through this process, had amassed a team that could take an idea – say, “a performance energy drink with a focus on holistic ingredients” – and turn it into a fully-fledged business in less than 90 days, complete with marketing, regulatory compliance, manufacturing, and logistics.  

The value of having mentors cannot be understated. I’ve leaned on those around me to guide the company through turbulent periods. Whether that’s the experience and skills developed by our employees here within the building, or others in our industry that have grown their company to be household names. You should stay true to your vision, while accepting guidance and feedback from those around you.

With aggressive investment in new manufacturing capabilities, as well as an expanded footprint, we aim to be north of 250M in revenue with multiple regional manufacturing plants servicing our customers.

Do you have a proudest moment?

I take considerable pride in the current direction that our organization is heading, and the position we have found ourselves in to capitalize on our 5-year plan. It has taken us 13 years to reach this point of opportunity, and we are fully committed to making the most of it. The hard work and dedication of our team has brought us to this moment, and we are ready to seize it.

What does it mean to be selected as an Honoree?

It’s an incredible honor to be recognized as a business to look out for here in Florida. This company was founded with a handful of employees in Daytona Beach and has grown to support hundreds of people here across the state. It’s hard to imagine we’ve arrived at the place we are now from our humble roots, and I hope we can continue to grow and serve the communities that supported us coming up.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for getting you to where you are now?

All of my mentors, team members, business partners and friends who have believed in me. The path wasn’t always clear, but the support provided by those around me has been critical to MacroCap being where it is today.

What is your advice for aspiring or fellow business owners?

Don’t be afraid to pivot and listen to your gut. When everyone tells you that you’re crazy, when everyone tells you to slow down, consider that your signal to double down.

I’ve noticed over the years – every person I know who takes the risk, who speeds up when it’s yellow to beat the red light, has been phenomenally successful.

Whereas all the people who stopped for yellows were not always where they wanted to be in life.


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