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Martin Aquatic

Martin Aquatic is a firm that blends creative artistry with technical skill to design and engineer architectural statements in development projects all over the world: dramatic choreographed show fountains, exciting water park rides, luxury resort swimming pools, and multi-acre basins for swim or surf.

Founded in: 1987


Orange County


Architectural, Engineering, & Related Services

Employee Growth 2019-2023

19% Increase

Revenue Growth 2019-2023

73% Increase

Josh Martin

President & Creative Director

Was there an “ah-ha” moment that led you to the company?

I was initially reluctant to join the company my father had founded, but I am drawn to improving things and finding operational efficiencies. I thought I would come in for just a few years to update their systems and internal processes. That’s when I discovered how much I enjoyed the creative side of aquatic engineering, and I helped the company move toward designing waterparks and major hospitality developments. We’re now creating multi-acre water amenities for surf and swimming.

What’s your company culture like?

Our employees regularly tell us that the work they do is stimulating, motivating, and rewarding, and we work hard to ensure that our team feels a strong sense of accomplishment and pride with every project we work on. With longtime employees, our firm feels like a small family that rewards hard work and enjoys socializing as a group.

Our company’s competitive edge is our ability to serve numerous markets and customers. We are the only aquatic consultant that services resorts, municipalities and universities, waterparks and theme parks, cruise lines, and now, with our Blue Mar Basins™ technology, master-planned community developers. We also offer more in terms of conceptual design—not just engineering of filtration and pumps. Our clients come to us for complex, creative challenges.

The executive team that we have in place is comprised of me, my father, and our chief leadership officer. Together, they provide invaluable entrepreneurial guidance from having lost businesses, successfully grown them, or consulted other business leaders. They are a sounding board for the decision-making process before we bring in other leaders of our firm to enact major changes. I have also built relationships with industry counterparts who might be struggling with the same issues and have become a confidential sounding board for me.

We have been building out a team to handle the amount of growth we’ve been seeing. My goals are to alleviate those growing pains while still retaining the quality of service we provide. We have some talented leaders who are moving up in our company, and I’m excited to see them grow into the larger roles that they will have. Growth isn’t a goal for us, it is a result of quality work and client relationships. We never want to be so big that our clients suffer, so we focus on client service first and foremost, and the rest has been the result of that effort.

Do you have a proudest moment?

I have two that stand out. First, it was seeing my first project from full concept (blank piece of paper) fully open. That is a memory I will never forget. Second, it was navigating the pandemic, keeping our entire team employed, and being resilient and diligent enough to still bonus and reward the success of our team in those years.

What does it mean to be selected as an Honoree?

This honor is validation for all that we’ve done as a firm to get to where we are. The sleepless nights and grinding hours of running a business can take its toll, but awards like this demonstrate to our employees and clients that we’re accomplishing something really special.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for getting you to where you are now?

First, to my dad who built the foundation for where this company could go. Second, to the team who built upon his legacy and is now creating world-class aquatic amenities that are changing the game for hospitality development. Third, my amazing wife! I can’t do what I do in leading our team without her as my rock and the foundation of our marriage. She truly puts up with me and allows me to succeed.

What is your advice for aspiring or fellow business owners?

Focus on something that you’re passionate about and never stop improving on it. Find a way to make something the best way or do what hasn’t been done before. If where you are working isn’t your passion either make it your passion (by changing it) or leave and find something that doesn’t feel like work. If you are happy and challenged, you are excited to wake up and start another day.

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