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TruPoint Communication Solutions

As an independent technology advisor, TruPoint helps business owners, executives and IT decision makers leverage technology to meet their desired business outcomes. We leverage our network of more than 300 telecommunications and security solution providers to help our clients save time, money and frustration by simplifying the technology selection experience and managing the contracting, implementation & ongoing support for the selected solutions.

Founded in:


Seminole County



Employee Growth 2019-2022

140% Increase

Revenue Growth 2020-2022

224% Increase

John Berardi


Was there an “ah-ha” moment that led you to start your company?

Early in my career, I worked in direct sales for telecom providers. I have a consultative approach and a genuine interest in helping my client solve business challenges, so I became frustrated by the limits of recommending only one company’s products and services. When I started TruPoint, it was important to be an independent advisor so that we would have the breath of services and ability to customize solutions specific to individual client needs. This tailored approach has allowed us to evolve with technology and build client & partner relationships that go back to the beginning of our company 15 years ago.

What’s your company culture like?

We have defined core values, and we try to recruit and retain people that share those values. “Do the Right Thing” is core value #1 for us and we try to incorporate it into all business decisions, especially decisions regarding clients and employees. We also try to involve family whenever possible in our company culture. We have a family wall in our office with pictures of team members & their families to remind us of our why, and once a year we host a TruPoint Family Weekend where we take all the families on a long weekend trip to build bonds beyond just between our team members.

There are a few technology agencies like ours in Central Florida, but most are small and they don’t provide project management or ongoing support of the solutions they recommend. With TruPoint we have invested in our own project management team and certified implementation team to ensure that the recommended solutions are deployed effectively, which leads to a better overall experience. Additionally, TruPoint’s independent approach allows us to customize solutions for our clients versus direct carrier salespeople and managed IT companies who typically have a more limited set of services they can provide and support.

I am a firm believer in mentoring and peer groups. I have attended at least 1 CEO peer group meeting each month for the past 5+ years and I have left every meeting with something useful that we have tried to apply to our business. It can be lonely as a business owner, so opportunities to discuss challenges and opportunities with like-minded people can be a great resource for your personal growth and that of your organization.

We have been on a rapid growth trajectory for the past several years and our help is needed as the technology landscape continues to grow more complex. We plan to increase some of our education, outreach, and partnership efforts to look for ways to serve more customers with a tighter focus on mid-market and small enterprise clients.

Do you have a proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment so far was when we were selected as a Great Place to Work for the first time. The award was based upon blind responses to a satisfaction survey submitted by our team and it validated that all of the focus we put on building a good culture was worth the effort.

What does it mean to be selected as an Honoree?

This recognition is meaningful because it requires an initial recommendation from a peer and is awarded based on the evaluation of a board of fellow business owners. We look forward to plugging into some of the GrowFL resources and connecting with fellow honorees to elevate our business and help fellow entrepreneurs.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for getting you to where you are now?

I would like to thank my parents for providing a solid loving foundation and my father and grandfather who instilled an entrepreneurial mindset.  I’d like to thank my team members, who work hard day in and day out to serve our clients and grow the business.  As well as several mentors throughout my career, some of whom have passed, some of whom work with me, and some of whom are fellow nominees. Lastly and most importantly, my beautiful wife and daughters for supporting and believing in me through the ups and downs that come with owning a growing business.

What is your advice for aspiring or fellow business owners?

Find a peer group or industry group where you can do some caring and sharing of ideas. Be consistent, be reliable, and remember the bottom line when making decisions, but make sure you take care of your people.

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