COVID-19 Best Practices: Interpreting the CARES Act for Manufacturers and Modeling Liquidity for Financial Clarity

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Key Takeaways

  • An overview of the CARES Act, which includes various provisions totaling an estimated $2 trillion or more in stimulus intended to help manufacturers.
  • CLA Intuition 2.0 is a quick and effective tool using scenario modeling to inform decision making and long-term success: cash flow and financial modeling.

Featured Speakers

alt textMarni Spence, CPA, is a tax principal with more than 30 years of tax experience in public accounting, focusing on closely-held businesses and their individual owner’s tax returns. She is also in charge of the manufacturing and distribution tax practice in the state of Florida. Marni’s background includes directly overseeing the planning, performance, and review of tax engagements. She works throughout the year with her clients for tax consultation, cash flow planning and innovative tax solutions. Marni’s primary focus is serving owners of privately held businesses and their individual tax returns. She often advises on multi-state and municipality tax issues and strategies. She is the research and development tax credit liaison for the Orlando office, working to actively identify clients that will benefit from CLA research and development tax credit studies. Her industry focus has been with the CLA manufacturing and distribution team.


alt textLeslie Boyd, CPA, is a principal in CLA’s manufacturing industry group and leader of the manufacturing industry for the Indianapolis office. Leslie has more than ten years of experience in public accounting, specializing in tax services for multi-state and multinational C corporations, S corporations, and partnerships. She also has significant experience with tax provision preparation (ASC 740) and documentation of uncertain tax issues and positions (FIN 48). Leslie also has experience working with companies with tax structuring of M&A transactions. Leslie has been a speaker on several tax technical topics, including teaching the firm’s annual Tax Advisor Update, tax merger and acquisition topics, and tax credit and incentive areas.


alt text Matt Borchardt, CPA, is a principal in the health care group of CLA with more than 10 years of experience. Professionally, he specializes in strategic planning and utilizing CLAIntuition™ to help clients by focusing on time, energy, and resources on identifying the real drivers of business success.