Fidelis Leadership Accelerator 3-Day Leadership Training Seminar



If you aspire to become a leader: You will learn time-tested and proven leadership lessons, strategies, tactics and techniques – taught by our team of expert instructors – that will enable you to accelerate your professional development and greatly increase your odds of achieving success when you are promoted into a leadership role.

If you were recently promoted to a leadership role: Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step of an exciting journey! Our team of highly-experienced instructors will teach you how to identify and avoid making the costly, painful and professionally damaging mistakes typically made by new, untrained leaders during their first few years in a leadership role. In addition to learning proven (yet frequently overlooked) leadership concepts and strategies, you will be exposed to some advanced tactics and techniques that will greatly accelerate your professional growth and development as a leader.

If you are an experienced leader: Developing the next generation of leaders is probably one of your highest priorities. In addition to the exceptional knowledge and insights presented during our Best-in-Class leadership training event, you’ll gain valuable and actionable insights on how to establish or enhance a culture of learning and leadership development within your team. You’ll be able to use our proprietary and proven system of developing World Class Leaders as a model while creating a leadership development program or while refining the existing methods of grooming the future leaders of your organization.

If you’re not sure where your professional path will take you: You will learn critical elements of self-development and how to achieve your full potential in the corporate arena. Working with our impressive and seasoned instructors, you will be able to accelerate and elevate your professional development. Best of all, if you are promoted into a leadership role in the future, you will be better prepared to achieve success from your very first day as a leader!