GrowFL Information Session – Fort Lauderdale

Government Contracts: Risk and Opportunities in the Age of Trump


The presentation will cover areas of opportunity for government contractors under the Trump Administration, such as cyber security, U.S.-manufactured goods, and support for SOCOM and CENTCOM, both of which are based at MacDill Air Force Base just outside of Tampa Bay. While government contracting presents some significant opportunities, it also presents some unique risks. For that reason, the presentation will also briefly cover some of the key risks areas and compliance considerations, including the impact of some of the recent changes made by the Trump Administration.


Richard Arnholt advises companies, large and small, on the complex rules and regulations applicable to grants and contracts from federal and state governmental entities. In an era of increased budgetary pressures for contractors, Richard focuses his practice on providing practical business and legal guidance to help clients efficiently navigate the minefield of government procurement and grant regulations. Richard has experience assisting companies and individuals faced with potential exclusion from federal contracting by advising them through suspension and debarment proceedings before various government agencies, including the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy; Defense Logistics Agency; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); General Services Administration; and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Richard also represents government contractors in mediation and litigation on the state and federal levels.


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