Identifying and Improving the Value of Your Business


Knowing the value of your business is critical to your banks, current investors, potential investors, and potential buyers. It’s also important to know how to increase the value of your business in ways other than sales growth. In this seminar we will discuss the various ways business valuation is calculated and how to know if you can improve that value. We’ll also examine the many ways improvement may take place without heavy capital infusions or dramatic increases in sales. What you will learn today are methodologies that have been proven over the years as Nperspective has helped hundreds of companies grow their businesses, prepare for investors, prepare for sales, and shepherd clients through the sales process.

Meet Ron Wilkinson

Ron Wilkinson
Principal and CFO, Nperspective
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Ron Wilkinson has been in the accounting and finance profession for over thirty-five years. Early in his career in New Orleans, he worked as VP Finance for a multi-million dollar holding/investment company. Ron went on to work as the Financial Director of the Florida market for Nationwide Communications, a company represented in almost every major US media market with seven television stations and forty-four radio stations. For the next twenty years, Ron worked for other major radio and television groups in similar roles. Leaving media, he became CFO/COO for Quest, Inc., a $30m non-profit organization serving thousands of people with developmental disabilities across Central Florida and Tampa where he, among other things, developed and executed a plan to open a school exclusively for individuals along the autism spectrum. For his next adventure, he taught entrepreneurship at UCF for several years then served as CFO for a medical records review start-up. Ron has designed forecasting tools, daily tracking sheets, performance indicators, internal control systems and budget strategies that help companies know where they are, where they are going, and how to increase their value. His knowledge of operations and finance complement one another and allow him to streamline current revenue and expense centers as well as create new ones.