Business Valuation Factors


The value of your business is influenced by many factors. Recognizing which factors you can influence and which will provide the greatest increase to the transactional value of your company, is empowering. MidCap Advisors will provide an overview of some of the important aspects of your business that you can monitor to improve company valuation over the near term and long term. Addressing some of these factors could potentially double the value or your business to a strategic or financial buyer.

Meet Peter Previte

Peter Previte, Vice President
MidCap Advisors
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Pete Previte is an entrepreneur and business professional with a diverse background in product management, innovation and operations. He leverages his expertise in the areas of product development, marketing, sales, fulfillment and support, to help clients improve operational efficiency and growth. Pete concentrates geographically on the East coast and central part of the country with clients who benefit from advisory services, growth capital and sell side services.