MSCA WebEx – What you should know about CONVID-19

Employers across the US have begun to ask employees to work remotely, if possible, and they are now being faced with decisions on employee welfare, costs associated with disruption in business and potential long-term ramifications.

GrowFL is pleased to provide you information about an upcoming Webinar hosted by our partner organization, the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Alliance of Mid-Florida. They have assembled a group to discuss some of the issues surrounding COVID-19 in a WebEx.


Wendy Sellers – HR/Overview of COVID-19
Amy Lee – Supply Chain Disruption/Business Continuity
Stacy Campbell-Domineck – Career Source Polk
Q&A Session


Get answers to questions such as:
1) As a small employer, am I required to provide paid sick leave?
2) Are there any national, state or local resources available to assist with any financial issues my business or my employees may have as a result of this pandemic?
3) Are there any benefits my employees can receive if they are out of work for an extended period of time?
4) How will I know if my supplier can’t deliver a component from an affected country, and then what do I do?
5) What if I have employees that can’t come to work?


You will receive WebEx information via email after you register for the event.  If you don’t receive the information, contact  [email protected]

MSCA is committed to providing information/assistance to the businesses.