How to build repeatable, sustainable and scalable
core processes in your business.

Forget everything you thought you knew about Process…
Every company has Core Processes that are necessary for the business to run and operate smoothly. Generally, those core processes include developing products, delivering services, securing customers, hiring & training a team. These core process foundations cut across your Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Customer Service and Human Resource functions, so they must be systematized, documented, and coordinated in order to create consistency and scalability within your organization.


Very few companies have documented processes, and as a result, they count on people to “just know what to do.” Companies may train people on specific job skills, but not on how the work gets done.


Most core processes are so complex that it’s very difficult to train and enforce, let alone scale. Leaders and managers don’t slow down long enough to identify the points of pain, or where there are breaks.


Leadership teams can learn to delegate the mapping and documenting responsibilities to the appropriate teams that live, eat and breathe the process. By putting the appropriate people in charge, you will empower them and build a culture rooted in trust.


The end result is a process that has been systematized and documented by the people who know it best.


Entrepreneur Operating System

P R O C E S S T R I A G E ®


ProcessTriage is a proven best-practice in companies running on EOS® to delegate and elevate issue processing deeper into the organization. It places issue processing of your core, customer-facing, driveshaft process into the hands of those who do the work every day — front line, Go-To experts.  Chris White – entrepreneur and business coach – will help you determine the best next improvements, freeing executives to focus on longer horizon opportunities. Triaging creates a years-stable process map that sync’s up everyone’s understanding of what this process is and who needs what to excel. Triaging generates To-Do’s and Rocks that fit your V/TO and are led by your own process experts.



9:00 to 9:05: Welcome  – Tammie Sweet, GrowFL

9:05 to 9:40: Master the Process – Chris White, Traction in Florida

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Chris White, Certified EOS Implementer Traction in Florida LinkedIn Profile

A 3rd generation entrepreneur, Chris worked for a Motorola distribution company where he took neglected territories and increased sales and profit margins 110%. He built a significant client base, developing and securing successful corporate accounts. Embarking on his own ventures, Chris partnered with a software engineer to build a POS software program, which he later sold to a Fortune 500 company for seven figures. Entering the medical industry, Chris designed a custom EHR program for Podiatrists focusing on the doctor’s needs. After selling the software program and company, Chris and wife Darlene built a new company providing online education for physicians. Their company quickly filled a gap in the medical industry and is now under his wife’s direction.Today, Chris dedicates his time to teaching the EOS model to business owners across the country. Together with his partners, he is building a digital app to increase alignment, accountability and awareness in companies running on EOS.