The CEO Forum: Tampa Bay

Meet Gary Mishkin

Artemis Plastics, LLC is a contract manufacturing company serving both the medical devices and industrial components markets.  Our capabilities include injection molding, device assembly and packaging.  Artemis Plastics entered the manufacturing business after we acquired the assets of an existing manufacturing plant in Ocala, FL that was in receivership.  The previous company had been successful, but ran into issues in the late 2000s, with a change in management.  Acquiring a company that was in receivership has several issues, one of the most challenging, however, is maintaining morale when the former employees were not sure if they would come to work to a permanently locked up facility.  Developing the company culture served as a means to express what management expects from the employees and what the employees can expect from management.

The culture of an organization should serve as a North Star for the direction of the company.  The Company Culture is the identity of the company: the way the employees perceive the company, the way customers perceive the company, ethics, goals and the environment.  Defining a company culture takes time and insight, but, is not difficult to develop.  Instilling the company culture, on the other hand, is much more challenging.  Artemis Plastics is nearly 5 years old and instilling the company culture continues to be a work in progress.  In this interactive discussion, I would like to share lessons learned (good and bad) of our developing, delivering and living our Company Culture.