Webinar fatigue? We get it. Check out our NEW approach to leadership development and connecting you with other CEOs.

Each year, we survey the second-stage CEOs in our network to see what specific challenges they are facing with their businesses. Their top 1o answers were formed into our new program, the GrowFL CEO Academy. This is a 10-month program that offers both virtual and in-person opportunities to learn and connect. The topic and presenter will be different from month to month, covering all areas of business relevant to a second-stage CEO.

How is the CEO Academy different from past webinars? GrowFL understands the benefit of interacting with peers and sharing best practices. The CEO Academy will operate in a 20/20/20 format – a 20-minute presentation, 20-minute breakout room discussion, and 20-minute group debrief. This new way of doing things will offer you, the participant, to turn your microphone and camera on to engage with other CEOs and the subject-matter expert. This is a time to get specific questions answered, form new business relationships, and connect with your peers. Participants will register for the whole series, so you’re bound to see familiar faces along the way, building comradery unique to the GrowFL CEO Academy.

The CEO Academy year-end retreat will bring together all participants and presenters from around Florida, packed with a full day of topics and discussions for continued learning.

The cost to participate in all 10 sessions, including the full-day retreat, is $299. This is an exclusive program for second-stage CEOs, presidents, and business owners. Session recordings, slide decks, supporting resources, and presenter information will not be available outside of program participants.

The first session is complimentary. The CEO Academy is free for GrowFL members. Not a member? Join us! We have four regional chapters across the state and the cost to join is $300. Click here to learn more about GrowFL Membership. Contact Hannah Metevia at Hannah@GrowFL.com for more information.