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Wendy Romeu, CEO/President

Alluvionic, Inc.
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Year Founded: 2013
Brevard County, FL

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19% Job Growth


Revenue Growth


Founded in 2013, Alluvionic is a solutions provider that services clients through project management, process improvement, and engineering product design. Known as the project management experts, Alluvionic works with companies to help them achieve success by establishing processes aimed at meeting organizational goals.

Alluvionic combines the best practices of project management and process improvement with customized engineering product design, which has led to rapid growth and diversification of services. Alluvionic helps businesses achieve their process and system implementation goals by utilizing a portfolio of best in class project management tools and proven strategic techniques.

Clients benefit from right-sized solutions that deliver actionable insights and translate into measurable performance and capability improvement. Customized solutions include extensive process improvement, CMMI® (Capability Maturity Model Integration), PMO (Project Management Office) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations.

Recently, Alluvionic has made headlines by becoming an official partner with the CMMI Institute. As a CMMI Institute Partner, Alluvionic is licensed to provide official CMMI Institute services to help other organizations and individuals to adopt new and improved technologies.

Alluvionic has quickly earned a reputation as a trusted and qualified provider of highly specialized services. The company has worked with notable clients such as Leonardo DRS, Google, IZTEK, Jabil, Mack Technologies, NRG, Novel Engineering, Orange County Government and many others. Alluvionic is an 8(a) certified company by the Small Business Administration and also recognized as a Woman-Owned Small Business.

Driven by 3 Pillars and 7 Values, Alluvionic Rose to Success

On a foundation of right-sized solutions for each client, Wendy Romeu has built Alluvionic from the ground up. Wendy’s story started as a data entry clerk, but she worked her entire career in multiple disciplines, discovering her passion implementing different management systems for companies.

“I really enjoyed working within management and operational systems, such as ERP and seeing the positive organizational changes from their proper implementation. I gained a lot of personal satisfaction helping organizations truly make a constructive difference through process improvement,” Romeu said.

“As a consultant, I found that my favorite part of the job was to go into an organization, speak to executives, work with them to identify their issues, and develop tailored solutions for their specific circumstances. Having these top leaders say, ‘yes go fix that,’” she said, “empowered me, to implement quick, impactful change with these clients.”

Romeu found that balancing the frequent travel that came with consulting and her young children was challenging. “I knew I wanted to start my own company and continue to make a genuine difference in business and people’s lives,” Romeu said. “In 2013, the stars aligned and I started Alluvionic.”

Alluvionic is a solutions provider that services clients through project management, process improvement, and engineering product development. Their detailed analysis process quickly identifies gaps in an organization and creates a tailored plan for improvement.

With project management at their core, Alluvionic works with companies to help them achieve success by establishing processes to meet organizational goals.

“Alluvionic has 3 pillars:   Project Management Support, Process Improvement, and Product Development, each including project management.  We are a true project management company regardless of what we are doing for our customers,” she explained.  “Whether we’re facilitating process improvement or developing products, there’s a project plan and structure and we run it like a project.”

Romeu found one of the major challenges she faced while growing her business was taking a step back and looking at the full picture.

“I found myself working in the business rather than on the business.  It was only me as the consultant at the beginning of Alluvionic. Transitioning my customers to my trusted employees, and then pulling myself out to be more strategic with Alluvionic’s growth was difficult,” she said.

“One of the ways I was able to make that transition was partnering with weVENTURE. I enrolled in their Ignite 360 program and through the program’s mentorship, I gained the confidence and guidance on how to step back,” Romeu said. “I’m generally risk adverse, but they helped me take the necessary risks and the results have been amazing.”

Looking forward to the future, there are many thing Romeu hopes to accomplish and slowing down isn’t in the forecast. “We’ve doubled in size every year since our inception and we foresee it continuing and accelerating,” she said.

“We’ve starting to focus on government contracting, which will expand our customer base. We are looking forward to increasing our capabilities to meet the needs of those new customers. The revenue generated from our continued expansion will help us stay on this steady path of increased growth.”

 A team ready to conquer

“Being a small business, our employees are a critical element to our company’s success.  In fact, they are our most valuable asset,” Romeu said.

Romeu has strived to foster a work environment centered on Alluvionic’s core values of family, integrity, professionalism, innovation, forward-progress, organization, and communication.

“As an example, we perform a happiness survey every month to make sure employees have an opportunity to raise concerns. Not only is the survey about making sure we’re meeting their needs, but it also evaluates if we are running the organization according to our values. Our values are extremely important to us and central to our development,” she said.

As an entrepreneur, Romeu understands there’s always more to learn and instils that in her team.

Alluvionic creates a professional development and growth plan customized for each employee and holds weekly one-on-one meetings with them individually. Alluvionic offers their staff annual professional memberships and the opportunity to attend development courses and trainings, assuring employees are proficient and current in their respective areas of expertise.

Working to find her own work and home balance, it was important for Romeu to make Alluvionic’s company culture lively, family oriented, and overall enjoyable. “We allow employees to flex their hours and schedules whenever possible, because when we consider their personal lives they tend to work under less stress and are more productive,” she said.

“Even as a small organization, I have a full-time human resources professional because I want to reinvest into the employees,” Romeu said. “They’re the ones in front of customers and making the difference. So, if I take care of them, they’ll take care of our customers.” In the last 5 years, Alluvionic has grown from two employees to 13 and from one customer to 23.

The competitive edge that sets them apart

“Doing the right things for the right reasons is our guiding philosophy and our competitive edge,” said Romeu.

Romeu believes that dedication to customers and the ability to tailor to their needs is what sets Alluvionic apart from the rest.

“The value we bring is not just recommending a solution for the sake of having an answer to a problem, but rather we right-size the solutions for our customers. Some organizations need big, robust processes to manage their companies, but many organizations don’t need that,” Romeu said.

“Some of our competitors will say, ‘This is what the book says, you have to do exactly what it says.’ We don’t do that. We ask, ‘Can you show me what you’re doing?’ We’ll point out where they may already be meeting the standard and then we’ll help them fill the gaps with the least amount of disruption as possible,” she said. “We take the time to learn and truly understand what the organization needs, what their culture is, their communication styles, things like that,” Romeu said.

Romeu says what also sets Alluvionic apart is that most small project management firms don’t have engineering capabilities, and most small engineering firms don’t have professional project managers. This gives Alluvionic the opportunity to be more efficient, effective, and reach a wider clientele. “We grow to be partners with our customers.  They know that when we commit to solving a challenge, we get it done,” said Romeu. “They trust us.”

 What it means to be a Florida Companies to Watch Honoree

“We’re really proud for what we’ve achieved in such a short period of time and we’re grateful for other entrepreneurial organizations that have supported us,” she said. “For me personally, it’s a time to pause and reflect on our successes and what has been accomplished over 6 years, which is often hard to do when you’re moving rapidly.”

“Alluvionic is proud to be one of the companies representing Brevard County,” said Romeu. “There are amazing companies in Brevard, and we’re honored to be recognized by this award.”

“For our employees, I think it helps them understand the direction we’re going and allows them to take pride in what they’ve helped accomplish. Since the beginning, our employees have supported the organization and deserve recognition for their hard work. We have an absolutely incredible team and they should be commended.”

Additional thanks

When it comes to her journey as an entrepreneur, Romeu has many people she would like to thank who have aided her along the way. “I am so grateful for my team.” Romeu said. “They are truly my family.”

“weVENTURE in Brevard County and Space Coast EDC have been extremely supportive, as has Christa Santos with CKS Marketing. Christa has helped tell the story of our organization and bring awareness of who we are.”

“And lastly, of course Nexus. I am part of the CEO Roundtable and that experience has been invaluable over the last 7 months.”

 Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

 For young or upcoming entrepreneurs hoping to follow in the footsteps of Romeu, she shared some words of advice that she’s learned along the way. “Find a support system. Be vulnerable and surround yourself with positive people that want to help you and don’t be afraid to ask for help.” she said.

Notable community involvement

Alluvionic has been actively involved with numerous philanthropic organizations and events over the last 5 years, donating more than $20,000 and 1,600 service hours. Their office has supplied resources to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Romeu is currently serving as a mentor in weVENTURE’s IGNITE 360 program and has been a volunteer and board member of the Tourette Association of America for more than 13 years. Motivated as a parent with children that have the disorder, she has been instrumental in establishing support groups in the state of Florida and Family Weekend, which helps to educate and introduce families to others with Tourette Syndrome.

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