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Tim Shoop, CEO

Digital Boardwalk
Year Founded: 2009
Escambia County, FL

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110% Job Growth


Revenue Growth


Digital Boardwalk provides comprehensive technology management and consulting services for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Florida and beyond. We help customers achieve reliability, security, and peace of mind through award-winning support, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and backup services. We know that technology is integral to your business, so we work diligently to keep your technology working for our clients. Our team of certified technology specialists bring their individual expertise and knowledge to each job at hand. Together, we promise to provide you with the best customer service experience, industry-leading technology, and continuous innovation, all catered to your specific needs.

Creating an Empowering Culture was a Key for Digital Boardwalk’s Fast Growth

They say if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door, which is exactly what Tim Shoop did.

“During the economic recession in 2007, I met with a broker who told me the IT company I owned wasn’t worth anything and I had hundreds of thousands of dollars of mounting debt. I had to do something. Either get a job, which after running a small business for more than a decade, that wasn’t an option for me. Or of course, I could solve the problem.”

Shoop began researching opportunities around him and landed on a new model for IT Delivery that was in its infancy stage at the time, based around an reoccurring monthly revenue – something his previous company lacked.

“I began what we called The Red Door Project, which would eventually become Digital Boardwalk,” he explained.

Things weren’t easy, and there were always a lot of unknowns, “It took a lot of courage and sleepless nights in the startup phase of the business,” School said. However, what he did know was where his passion lied, “I have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, so the idea of working for someone else wasn’t an option.”

Digital Boardwalk, a managed IT services company, provide IT management to small and medium business across the nation. This includes anything from IT Support, backup services, cloud computing and Cyber Security, a growing threat among businesses.

“With technology becoming the center point of everything we do in business, the value that Digital Boardwalk brings to the table is taking that burden off the client, so they can focus on their customers. To sum it up, we give our customers piece of mind and help them plan, so they too can scale.”

Staying Ahead in the Market

To keep a competitive edge, Digital Boardwalk focuses on everything from their development and processes to their creative pricing models.

Just to name a few, this includes comprehensive, subscription-based service plans which scale with the client’s needs, annual goal-setting that is publicly announced to all clients and a monthly “Technical Business Review” that shows technology health, information for budgeting and more.

“We have unique systems that we’ve built here to scale unique and rewarding experiences for our customers. But most importantly, I think it’s our commitment to our employees, whom I prefer to refer to as my colleagues,” Shoop said.

Looking ahead to the future, Shoop plans to keep expanding into other markets, like Texas, but is ensuring everything’s ready to go first.

“The only barrier in the way of that would be my strive for excellence and what too much growth too fast can sometimes do to that. So, I want to make sure that I have all the tested pieces in place before I lose that mojo.”

Empowerment is the Key to Success

Behind Shoop, is a team of hardworking employees who share the same commitment and excitement for growth as he does.

“When I wrote the model for Digital Boardwalk, I wanted to create a support company that would be better than many of the companies I’d worked for in my early days. They lacked customer service and solid soft skills. So, I chose not to outsource.”

Always in “start of mode,” as he called it, Shoop has made it a priority to create an entrepreneurial, collaborative, and even family-like work culture.

“We have a fun environment, we do things together. We booked a charter bus and took the entire team to a New Orleans Saints game a couple weeks ago. We all have cook-outs together too,” he shared.

There’s one aspect of Shoop’s company culture he wouldn’t do differently if given a chance – his emphasis on empowerment.

“Empowerment of employees creates a unique culture and gives them passion towards our mission of bringing the best possible IT Management experience to all our customers.”

In the next 3 years, School hopes to double his workforce.

What it Means to be an Florida Companies to Watch Honoree

Digital Boardwalk was selected as an honoree for this year’s Florida Companies to Watch, which recognizes second-stage companies located in Florida. Honorees demonstrate high performance, growth and innovation in the market place, which Shoop says is the perfect validation.

“The hard work, countless hours, and passion I take in Digital Boardwalk has been validated by this award. All of the failures were worth the payoff of seeing Digital Boardwalk hit these milestones,” he said.

“This year, GrowFL confirmed for me that we have something special. AS CEO, I don’t have a Supervisor patting me on the back when things are going well. But I do have GrowFL!”

Shoop’s fellow employees are sharing in the same excitement as he is. “They are fired up,” he shared, “Coming to work and seeing the passion in the eyes of all my colleagues each day, that’s validation that we have something special.”

Notable Community Support

Digital Boardwalk has been a major sponsor and supporter of EntreCon since its inception in 2016. The annual convention is a business conference held in the Pensacola region for local entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders providing a platform for them to come together, network and learn from each other.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Through Shoop’s entrepreneurial journey, he’s acquired his fair share of advice to pass down to upcoming entrepreneurs.

“My single most important thing to say to aspiring entrepreneurs is never give-up. Failure will happen at some time during your amazing adventure. Shrug it off, solve the problem, and get back up. It takes a thick skin and absolute dedication.”

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