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Year Founded: 1999
Pinellas County, FL

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33% Job Growth


Revenue Growth


McCormick Stevenson delivers mechanical engineering services to prime contractors in the Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security industries. Founded in 1999 in Clearwater, Florida, McCormick Stevenson provides a wide range of mechanical engineering expertise; from deep systems engineering to routine drafting and design, and everything in-between. With its twenty-year history, McCormick Stevenson is well-equipped to help clients reduce program risk through clear requirements definition, firm-fixed-price engagements, and the immediate application of a qualified and experienced team. Whenever a critical need arises, look to McCormick Stevenson as your trusted mechanical engineering partner. We can help with your entire product development process or assist at any stage to address your specific challenges.

McCormick Stevenson Corporation: 20 Years of Culture, Expertise and Strategy

Although he was always inclined to try new and different things, being a business owner was never at the top of his list. Fast forward to today, and Noel McCormick, along with his wife, Melissa, and their partner, Paul Stevenson, have successfully guided McCormick Stevenson Corporation for over 20 years.

“I began as a consulting engineer, traveling way too much and losing control of my family life,” he said. “Melissa and I started the company to regain some of that control, and it gradually grew into something that we didn’t originally envision.”

“Neither of us set set out professionally to become entrepreneurs or business owners, it was a response to conditions—a story we seem to share with many of our fellow small business owners,” he said. “We often start out for tactical reasons and it turns out to be fun and rewarding, so we keep it up.”

Today, McCormick Stevenson Corporation is putting their mark on the defense industry.

“We are an engineering services company developing rugged armament systems—primarily missiles, missile launchers, bombs, guns, and bullets—with a particular emphasis on precision guided weapons systems and rugged electronics,” he said. “We have a team of highly experienced weapons system engineers available to serve America’s Warfighters through the large defense contractors, who hire us to help turn their ideas into fieldable products.”

McCormick Stevenson offers a wide range of mechanical engineering expertise; from deep systems engineering, to complex engineering analysis, to routine drafting and design, and everything in-between. The ‘MCCST’ team is committed to providing clear requirements definition, firm-fixed-price engagements, and the immediate application of a qualified and experienced staff—all delivered at competitive small-business prices.

Keeping a Competitive Edge

McCormick credits his company’s competitive edge to the perfect combination of culture, expertise, and strategic partnering with complementary businesses.

“Over the years we’ve assembled an extraordinary group of folks with deep expertise and extensive experience, but at the same time we’ve developed a collaborative spirit and tremendous trust within our team—as well as with our clients and partners,” he said. “That’s been the formula that has gotten us where we are.”

While they recognize their strengths, McCormick says they also acknowledge their weaknesses, and routinely pursue new business in partnership with other firms.

Our greatest success stems from business pursuits in cooperation with our largest and most well-established clients including General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Honeywell, L3Harris and BAE Systems,” he said. “Each of these organizations has enthusiastically embraced an innovative and strategic approach to shared success that combines the small business status of McCormick Stevenson, often a US government mandate, with their own stability and financial strength.”


This approach has established McCormick Stevenson as a distinctly different kind of small business supplier, one willing not only to follow, but also to lead.


McCormick Stevenson’s Company Culture

Driven by the motto ‘We Serve America’s Heroes, as Only Engineers Can,’ McCormick Stevenson’s culture is centered around support for our country’s warfighters in their quest to defend freedom.  “Believing in a common mission enables our employees to find meaning in their work, to eagerly contribute, and, most importantly, to respect each other,” McCormick says.

“I think that the key element of our culture and its effectiveness is the deep, mutual respect we share. That respect builds trust on the team and that trust enables us to move quickly and to work together to execute our shared mission,” he said. “We uphold the promise of the U.S. Constitution—to provide for the common defense. It’s meaningful work that everyone on the team believes in, which makes it much easier to tackle difficult challenges.”

Overcoming Challenges and Looking Toward the Future

Like most entrepreneurs, McCormick has faced his fair share of challenges in growing his business.

“I think historically, the challenge has been a lack of focus. When we started the company, we envisioned delivering engineering services across a range of industries, and we did in fact pursue business in the energy sector, medical devices, automotive and defense,” he said. “At some point we recognized the defense industry was our true calling, so we began to focus exclusively on that mission. That focus has been the key to our recent success.”

Once they discovered their area of expertise, McCormick says the next challenge was finding the necessary talent, especially in their niche market, which makes it even more difficult.

“We’re in the engineering services field so we don’t succeed without great people, and they’re difficult to find,” he said. “People are our stock-in-trade; we bring talented engineers and designers to bear on our client’s most difficult problems.”

Despite the challenges they’ve faced, McCormick says they’re finding the solutions.

“We grew very slowly for many years, but for the past several years we’ve experienced 50% annual growth,” he said. “So, learning to be a growing company is our biggest challenge, and meeting that challenge requires effective recruiting.  The good news is that we’re very quickly figuring out how to identify and engage talented new teammates.”

In the upcoming years, McCormick hopes to see his business obtain a direct relationship with the federal government.

“We’ve recently been awarded several contracts directly with the U.S. government, and expanding on that success is an area of focus,” he said. “We’d like to assume a leadership role that simultaneously benefits our current clients, the US Government and America’s Warfighters.”

What it Means to be an Honoree

For Noel, Melissa, Paul and the entire MCCST team, being a 2019 Florida Companies to Watch Honoree helped to validate their strategic focus and direction.

“It’s a tremendous honor of course,” Noel said. “It’s not only fulfilling, but it reassures us that we’re doing the right thing, and we’re all very pleased with that.”

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When asked what advice he had for future entrepreneurs, McCormick said the key is to do something that matters to you and do it as well as you possibly can. Beyond that, he thought back on some of the advice he received while trying to grow his business.

“I was advised that success requires diversification, but I’ve found exactly the opposite. The more we’ve focused on fewer, more meaningful relationships, the more we’ve prospered,” he said. “Focusing on particular industry segments, technology areas and customer communities has been extremely helpful.”

“Another aspect of our success has been our willingness to reach out and seek support from others—both from the community at-large, and from organizations like GrowFL,” McCormick said. “The bottom line is that you can’t do it by yourself; you have to develop a great support network and a willingness to acknowledge who you are, what you know, and more importantly what you don’t know, before you’ll feel free to seek out those who can help.”

Notable Community Involvement

McCormick Stevenson has been a significant and reliable supporter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for over 20 years. They have contributed thousands of volunteer hours to the cause, with a focus on support for Engineering Students worldwide in their quest to build a better future. Both Noel McCormick and Paul Stevenson serve in leadership roles, with Paul serving as a current member of the ASME Board of Governors.

In addition, they established and hosted the very first gathering of the Tampa Bay Engineering Internship Alliance (TBEIA). For the past 6 years, with McCormick Stevenson in the lead, the TBEIA has hosted bi-annual Internship Mixers, and now enjoys the support of dozens of participating companies throughout the Bay Area, all of whom share a single vision: A Tampa Bay Internship for every Tampa Bay student.

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