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Year Founded: 1990
Orange County, FL

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Brands are powerful. And the best brands make our lives and our world better. Big Vision is a full-service brand solutions firm that partners with people who believe that too. Big Vision helps organizations develop, manage, and grow their brand. The award-winning firm combines experience design, strategic insights, growth marketing, and digital technology to help partners navigate and differentiate in complex and ever-changing market environments.



Dynamic Duo Builds a Booming Brand Solutions Firm, Taking the Industry by Storm

Can you tell us about the ah-ha moment that led to the idea of your company?

There aren’t a lot of husband and wife teams in this industry, but we have a partnership that’s built on a mission of treating people well and faithfully build the company, the team, and the community around us. We created Big Vision to deliver the highest quality work at the most competitive rates to passionate and driven brands. Since Big Vision was founded in 2014, our team has worked hard to set ourselves apart from other creative agencies by delivering a holistic business strategy and then executing it with our full-service team of experts. We further differentiate ourselves with sustainable, strong, ongoing client partnerships.

What kind of value does your business provide customers?

Big Vision helps organizations develop, manage, and grow their brand. Through our unique brand-building approach and our leadership’s brand solutions expertise, we help clients navigate and differentiate their business. In complex and ever-changing market environments, we find opportunities to enhance our clients’ capabilities and increase their revenue to drive growth while attracting quality industry talent and clients.

What challenges have you faced in growing your business? How did you overcome them?

In the early days, we operated as lone wolves taking on all the key brand, operations, business development, and project management work. As we scaled up, we realized the needs of our business were quickly outgrowing our own capacity and capabilities.

We saw quickly that we couldn’t do it alone and committed to solving this to sustain our growth. We built a solid leadership team with the right kind of experience, skills, heart, and hustle. We’ve also found outside assistance in the form of peer groups for our industry, entrepreneur support organizations, trusted advisors and business mentors, and great leadership development programs. This has enabled us to delegate and fill in blind spots. We were able to start working on our business vs. only in our business. This expansion of talent and infrastructure has helped us to manage our growing business and increase our team’s accountability and performance. Big Vision can now run more efficiently even when we’re not around—which means we’re actually able to take a vacation.

What about future challenges in the coming years?

Looking ahead, we are focused on continuing sustainable growth by incorporating the Traction EOS framework. We want to continue to grow, but we want to grow in a healthy way. We love building the business of other entrepreneurs as much as we love building our own. To that end, we’re focused on finding the mentors and clients we need who are committed to innovating and challenging industry norms to become champions in our fields. We want to work with mentors who are hungry and aggressive like us. We want them to push us to keep getting better. We’re always striving for greatness. We want to surround ourselves with others who do the same.

What’s it like working at Big Vision?

We have a big vision for the future. Our rally cry has always been ‘Effort and Attitude.’ Stand for what’s right, hustle hard, and nothing can stop you.

We have always sought to foster a close-knit, family-like atmosphere by routinely hosting team events and outings for the team and their families. This investment into culture has paid off in big ways as we have successfully created a company where everyone genuinely cares for each other and feels empowered to do the best work possible. Every month, each member of our team has a 1-on-1 with their supervisor to ensure that the entire team is satisfied with their work and is being heard.

Each fall, the team takes a much- anticipated fall retreat to North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains to unplug from technology, reflect on the past year, and set goals for the new year to come. A commitment to transparency keeps the entire team invested and on the same page.

Lastly, on the first Friday of each month, we hold Campfire meetings where the team learns about company updates and successes, shares work inspiration, showcases recent work, and recognizes a team member as the month’s MVP.

Why did you choose to open your company in Florida?

Florida is very supportive of businesses coming and growing here, which was one of the attractors to us.

We’ve been able to attract great creative talent right here in Florida and offer our employees an amazing place to live with no income tax. Being positioned in Florida has allowed us to make strategic investments in our businesses, real estate, and in turn, in our community. It’s been very easy to do business in Florida and we’ve always had great support from the community. I always tell people Florida has the best people to do business with. We’ve been able to expand our client base, support new industries thriving here, add new service divisions to support growing demand in our local markets, and invest in new technology.

What was one of the most pivotal moments for Big Vision?

In 2019, Big Vision’s average years of professional experience rose by nearly 100% with the addition of a Brand Director, Art Director, and Marketing Director. Hiring an experienced team shifted us from a production-first mindset to strategy-first, allowing our team to better serve clients with a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional creative services.

This expanded expertise positions us as a partner for brands who need innovative and impactful solutions, and led to a major 2019 milestone:
rebranding from a creative agency to a brand solutions company. This service line shifted towards higher strategy, along with the increased quality of execution with a team of directors who push the team further. When COVID hit, we were able to stay useful to client partners in new ways, including a large increase in business and marketing strategy engagements to deal with the new climate and offering free strategy consultation calls.

Moving from providing fixed-price bids on projects to billing clients for time spent has also improved client services and revenue planning. Previously, profitability was difficult to forecast, making investing in growth all the more difficult. The switch to providing estimated ranges for project timelines allows easier financial planning and client flexibility.

How does Big Vision give back to the community?

Big Vision has played host to a series of monthly fundraising mixers called Skyline Social. Hosted at The Balcony Orlando, proceeds from each monthly networking event support a different local cause, like The Assistance Fund, Junior Achievement of Central Florida, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Best Buddies, and the Adult Literacy League. Big Vision leadership is also active with organizations like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) Orlando chapter and Junior Achievement of Central Florida.

What does it mean to be selected as a GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Honoree?

Being selected as a GrowFL Florida Company to Watch has been an honor and a privilege. Meeting other second-stage growth companies who’ve been honored this year and seeing our peers who’ve been honored in the past has been humbling and encouraging. It’s been great to build relationships and community with other business owners who are in the same season of growth.

What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

First, start your business for a purpose higher than just profit and you’ll go further.

Develop a strong foundational knowledge of business and back it up with a breadth of experiences. Learn best (and worst) practices in business from others before you go your own way. Build authentic relationships and get involved in your community.

Know what you want and make sure you’re ready to put in the work to get there – it took us a lot of personal sacrifices and the deepest commitment. And all the lights will never be green at once, so like many things in life, take the leap.

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