Concealment Express, LLC

Sang Cho , President & CFO, Partner

Concealment Express, LLC
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Year Founded: 2014
Duval County, FL


Concealment Express is a tactical gear company that primarily focuses on the sale of gun holsters and accessories, in which they provide a high standard of quality and service to gun owners that were not previously available in the firearm industry.

Meet Concealment Express, LLC

Was there an ah-ha moment that led you to your entrepreneurial journey or the evolution that led to the idea of your company?

To give an analogy of an ah-ha moment for us is like watching someone using an Abacus to check out people at Costco when there are 100 people in que. We bought a holster for a personal need, then when it took forever to get it in the mail, we did a little research to understand why. Then through YouTube university, we noticed so many of the processes were all manual and labor intensive when equipment were available to accelerate the process and with less error rate. It was mindboggling to us and we moved forward to disrupt the industry.

What is a major challenges you’ve found in growing your business?

A major challenge for us was funding – which is common for most startups. Then next is deciding the proof of concept is proven to step on the gas in growing the business. In terms of funding, I reached out to every bank and lending company in Jacksonville. Finally, a loan stark agreed at 12 percent! But, we needed the cash and took it to pay it back in seven months. We knew we should step on the gas when we were able to payback the loan. We knew we had a real business that is generating cash.

One of the biggest hurdles is now hiring the right staff. As the organization gets better, you start to get other challenges of delegating. The owners have to let go and trust managers to help start running the company.

Explain the culture of your organization. What’s it like working at your company?

We believe in bringing a diverse talent pool to help us draw on different backgrounds to help us be cutting edge in what we are trying to accomplish. Therefore, we have a very open and lively culture where we allow people to express themselves (we give just enough rope to hang themselves, but reel them back in before they do). We celebrate as much as we can to make sure they are having fun while working hard.

What’s your company’s competitive edge over other companies in your market?

We identify our competitive advantages to be having a loyal and large customer base (significant dealer distribution to almost all 50 states and considerable e-commerce presence), the ability to manufacture and stock in the USA, and prompt delivery of our products to our customers and retailers. Lastly, R&D capabilities to deliver tremendous innovative technologies, such as “posi-click” audible retention technology to market. All of these factors allow us to quickly deliver high-quality products to our customers and retailers at very attractive prices.

What does it mean to you to be selected as a GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Honoree?

By being selected for this award, it recognizes all the hard work from our employees. Our employees are engaging and working with management to make sure we can be the best we can be.

First and foremost, we want to thank GrowFL for given us this honor to participate in this ceremony with many of best second-stage companies. We are extremely proud to be amongst them. Secondly, I want to personally thank my parents for instilling the entrepreneur spirit and showing me what’s right and wrong. And lastly, a big thank you to our employees who have made this happen.

How does Concealment Express give back to the community?

We are minority owned company that employees minority and under-served communities. As a company, we are active participants in Sulzbacher initiatives, a transition home organization, where we participate in annual Thanksgiving meal prep and serving, sponsor and donate to veteran affairs, and most importantly donated PPE gear and sanitizers to local organizations. Additionally, senior management team are board members of a charter school in Houston and a National Scholarship fund.

What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Being an entrepreneur is lonely and tough. It’s the one who is patience and determined that will overcome the challenges and prevail. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, so keep your head up and keep pushing forward if you want to succeed.

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