Manufacturers Business Growth Program


Second-stage manufacturing and manufacturing-related companies headquartered in Florida are the definition of economic growth and prosperity. As a CEO of a scalable growth company, you face unique challenges and GrowFL’s Manufacturers Business Growth Program is specifically designed to help you address those challenges. Through the Manufacturers Business Growth Program, in partnership with FloridaMakes, GrowFL provides access to resources, analysts and tools typically only available and affordable to Fortune 500 companies. These high-powered assets are at your disposal, as we work with you and your sales and marketing team to help you grow your top-line revenue. Join GrowFL’s Manufacturers Business Growth Program and benefit from all of these resources, which will help you take your company to the next level.

Why GrowFL

On average, GrowFL assisted businesses:

  • Increase their annual revenue and employment by more than 20%; and
  • Grow 3x faster than their competition.


Get access to just-in-time expertise — wherever your company needs it most
Are you struggling to scale your company? Like many second-stage business owners, you may be noticing systems that once served you well are starting to show cracks — or that you need new skills and information to continue to grow profitably. The GrowFL System for Integrated Growth™ (SIG) protocol addresses issues that impact your growth, whether they are internal or outside the walls of your company. For example, SIG can help you:

  • Get a handle on financial management and understand what your books are telling you.
  • Learn how to recruit, retain and develop talented employees.
  • Explore new markets, create prospect lists for those markets or analyze competitors.
  • Prepare to export — from documentation to identifying global markets and setting up distribution channels.
  • Bring in best practices on supply chain and operations to complement your managers’ working knowledge.


SIG is delivered virtually through a SWAT team of business experts, a series of phone calls and a secure, online portal so you never need to leave your office. The SWAT team doesn’t dictate a particular course of action, but provides best practices and valuable data to help you better manage and grow your company. Experts in their respective fields, specialists operate under the guidance of the Edward Lowe Foundation, a national expert on second-stage companies.

SIG is ideal for companies at pivotal points: For example, even though your company is growing, you may feel overwhelmed — you don’t know what you don’t know. You may need to build a senior management team, but lack employees with in-depth knowledge in certain areas. Or you may be running on all cylinders and ready to take that next step towards increased sales and new markets. Whatever your situation, SIG can provide expertise for continued success.


  • Be a for-profit, privately-held manufacturing or manufacturing-related company headquartered in Florida.
  • Generate annual revenue or working capital of between $750,000 and $100 million.
  • Employ between 6 and 150 full-time employees.
  • Provide products or services beyond the local area to regional, national or global markets.
  • Have an intent and desire to grow your company beyond second-stage.


Manufacturing LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE will meet quarterly and focus on issues specific to the manufacturing and manufacturing-related industry sector. Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen a CEOs business and personal skills. A mastermind group helps the CEOs achieve success. Members will challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them. Mastermind Group meetings will take a deeper dive into topics of need revealed during the Strategic Research process.

  • Customized feedback from trained facilitators and experts.
  • Confidentially address issues important to business owners by business owners.
  • Collaborate in proven, productive problem-solving sessions.
  • Build your network of successful businesses, potential partners, and local resources.

What to expect

Applications now open

GrowFL System for Integrated Growth & Leadership Institute

Improve Top-Line Revenue
$ 7,500
  • Fees - The cost of the program is $7,500, however there are grants that can cover approximately 50% of the cost, depending on funding availability. Contact GrowFL to determine eligibility.
  • Time commitment — 8-12 hours spread over approximately two months.
  • Focus areas — HR (recruiting and retention as well as compliance), operations and supply chain, accounting and finance, global trade, sales and marketing, succession planning, secondary market research, online marketing and customer prospecting.
  • Logistics — The program kicks off with a call between the CEO and a SIG team leader to clarify your company’s greatest needs. Next, you talk with SIG specialists to dive deeper into those pain points. Specialists then prepare their deliverables and schedule follow-up calls to walk you through those materials. Finally, the team leader conducts a debriefing call before wrapping up the engagement.
5-Star Program


We put the CEO in the Center of Everything We Do

GrowFL is a tremendous value for any entrepreneur and the camaraderie of learning other entrepreneurs’ achievements, successes and failures is simply invaluable,” he said. “The strategies and techniques I’m learning in the CEO Roundtable group, from the programming and listening to other CEOs, is extremely important to continue to grow the business the way I think it needs to grow.

Bill Davis

IM Solutions

We got what we were looking for from all of the specialists. I am very positive. We are still in an aggressive growth mode for now and we have begun to digest the information. I had some aha moments about my go to market strategy and how to break into clinical trials. We are now trying to dedicate time to implement on that.

Sigrid Voko

Nilogen Oncosystems

The information provided to me was really good and has solidified our go-to market strategy.

Gaet Tyranski


We went into this to get backup market assessment for our proposal effort. We got that and more, including marketing contacts and leads. We will be applying within the month for the SBIR. We will find out if we win it in a couple of months. This information was very valuable to get us to this point.

Lawrence Dunleavy



Performance Assessment & Business Resiliency

Our partner, FloridaMakes, offers a variety of tools and services to help your company:

Identify its capabilities and effectiveness
Benchmark with other companies
Pinpoint challenges impeding its growth and sustainability
Determine its ability to quickly adapt to disruptions
Your FloridaMakes Business Advisor
can help you determine which is right for your company.