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GrowFL was created in 2009 and is dedicated to support and accelerate the growth of second-stage companies throughout Florida, by providing their leaders focused, efficient, and timely access to resources they deem important, such as connections with other second-stage company leaders, and to professional organizations whose expertise, experience, and products lead to the second-stage company’s continued growth and prosperity resulting in diversification and growth of Florida’s economy.  Second-stage growth companies have at least 10 employees and a $1 million in revenue and possess an intent and desire to grow beyond second-stage.

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System for Integrated GrowthPeer-to-Peer NetworksFlorida Companies to Watch
We work with your team to explore new markets and grow within existing ones—increasing top-line revenue and operational areas within your company. The System for Integrated Growth is our virtual component of the program with one-hour conference calls occurring each month with our team of experts in areas you need most.Innovative learning sessions and networking opportunities designed to explore challenges, trends and topics that are commonly faced by second-stage companies during growth. Time, money and knowledge are important assets to you. GrowFL will maximize your ROI all the way through the program.GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch celebrates growing second-stage companies headquartered in Florida. Presented by GrowFL, in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation, we recognize companies that demonstrate high performance in the marketplace with innovative strategies and processes.