GrowFL Webinar Sponsor - $500

Sponsor a GrowFL webinar and you’re immediately connected to attendees eager to learn about your expertise, company, and knowledge on the topic of your choice. Webinar sponsors are given full access to the registration list, which can open the door for great connections and possible leads.

  • Benefits:
    • GrowFL promotes the event on social media and to its database of 3,000+ second-stage companies and influencers
    • GrowFL manages event software and set-up logistics
    • Sponsor will have access to specific questions and needs requested by participants
    • Sponsor receives full contact list of all registered participants, which includes specific questions participants asked in registration
    • GrowFL posts webinar on-demand to the GrowFL website
    • GrowFL distributes to attendees and non-attendees a copy of the webinar recording and contact information for the sponsor
    • Sponsor receives survey results after the webinar
    • Sponsor receives audio and video recording after the webinar
    • Sponsor receives Q&A report after the webinar

GrowFL Chapter Sponsor - $1,000

GrowFL has four chapters in the Tampa Bay, Southeast, Northeast, and East Central regions of the state. These chapters will give us the ability to further cultivate second-stage growth companies across the state and connect them with each other. As a regional chapter annual meeting sponsor, you and your business will be in front of key players who are chapter members in your target region.


  • Logo on Regional Chapter Home Page
  • Recognition at all events with your logo shown as part of the presentation
  • Welcoming remarks at selected chapter events
  • Serve on the Regional Chapter planning committee
  • Access to the full contact list of attendees at select full chapter events

Podcast Sponsor - $300

Wherever your expertise lies, we have an audience that wants to listen. Want to share your knowledge on a specific topic but don’t want to do a webinar – do a podcast!

  • Benefits:
    •  Podcast promoted on GrowFL website and through social media, with link to presenters website
    • Podcast promoted on Audible and Spotify
    • An article and link to the podcast included in GrowFL quarterly E-Magazine
    • Access to the full contact list of registered listeners of the podcast
    • Podcast promoted on regional chapter home pages

GrowFL Leadership Institute Presenting Sponsor - $5,000

For the past three years, GrowFL has held its Leadership Institute program in conjunction with its annual Florida Companies to Watch awards program. Attracting the years’ top second-stage companies in the state, this leadership and educational program is designed “for CEOs, by CEOs” and offers the opportunity for C-level executives to learn from each other and experts on topics most important to the growth of this segment of Florida business population. Through this, GrowFL can provide entrepreneurs throughout the state with valuable programming while leveraging the knowledge and expertise of distinguished CEOs and past GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Honorees.


  • Logo on all materials as presenting sponsor
  • Promotion on GrowFL Website
  • Signage at the event
  • Welcoming remarks at the event
  • Luncheon remarks by CEO, or other representatives
  • Serve on the event planning committee
  • Complimentary attendance for up to 3 company representatives
  • Access to the full contact list of attendees

GrowFL Virtual Leadership Institute Sponsor - $750

The Virtual Leadership Insitute provides an online learning environment for CEOs to specific topics, such as Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Organizational Structure, etc. These programs are designed for leaders of second-stage companies and are two-hour sessions led by the sponsor and occur once per month for three months.  They are designed as a place to allow the CEO to delve into their most pressing issues, learn from each other, and gain expert tips.


  • Access to full contact list of attendees
  • GrowFL distributes a copy of the Virtual Leadership Institute recording and contact information for the sponsor/presenter
  • Sponsor/presenter receives survey results after each Virtual Leadership Institute session
  • Sponsor/presenter receives audio and video recording after the Virtual Leadership Institute session
  • Sponsor/presenter receives Q&A report after Virtual Leadership Institute session

Ready to get started?

Ready to be recognized as a leader in Florida who supports these scalable, second-stage growth companies? For more information about the year-round benefits of being a GrowFL corporate partner, contact Mike Bobroff at or call (407) 765-1919.