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Doug Crawford, CEO

BMP Logic
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Year Founded: 2014
Gilchrist County, FL

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125% Job Growth


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Disruptive irrigation innovation for growers. BMP Logic’s technology is easy to use, affordable and adds unique value for their clients, and benefits society by conserving water and protecting water quality. Just like digital photos displaced traditional photos, telephone displace the telegraph, email displaced the fax… the list goes on. BMP Logic’s approach to irrigation is displacing irrigation practices passed down for generations on how, when, and how much to irrigate.

Water is very important, and to manage it properly we need accurate and reliable information, the sensors they use provide near real-time data on temperature, moisture, and salinity (fertilizer). The data is sent to the cloud and protected using blockchain technology. The AI of their software provides growers a whole new perspective on what is happening below the soil surface displacing what they once believed. Alerts and notifications are pushed to users and the ability to manage irrigations in near real-time is not a dream but a reality.

BMP Logic, Deep Rooted Technology.

BMP Logic is Revolutionizing Generations of Irrigation Practices for Farmers

What was the ah-ha moment that led to the evolution of your company?

My son is the reason that I am in this business today. Every county in Florida has a soil and water conversation district board and my son sits on ours. It was through meetings and trade shows that I was introduced to soil sensors. It was obvious their value, the bang for the buck for anyone using soil sensors on their farm.

That’s the way BMP got started, a happenstance from going to a trade show with my son. I found a piece of technology and knew if the growers could use that, it would be transformational to their farm. That was about 6 years ago and we’re still going strong today.

What value do you provide your customers?

When growers irrigate their crops, they can’t see when enough is enough. We give growers visibility into the soil to see how deep the crop roots go and when the irrigation has reached the bottom of the root zone. We believe water use on every farm can be improved. Overwatering costs money and can potentially damage our aquafers, lakes, and streams.

Underwatering cost yields and profit. Our software takes away the guesswork. We use near real-time data from soil sensors so a grower can see and meet the crop demand for irrigation. We provide a user interface that’s simple to understand, there’s no interpretation needed. Growers can apply the correct amount of irrigation saving water and preventing nutrients from leaching into waterways.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome as a business owner?

The biggest thing we’ve had to overcome is education. We are disruptive, not in a bad way, but in a way that makes growers evaluate their current irrigation programs. Many times, we challenge decades of irrigation practices passed down from grandfather to father to son of when and how to irrigate. Sensor technology is giving growers the data to make changes in their irrigation programs.

What is your company’s competitive edge?

It’s the teaching component that separates us from our competition. We conducted a poll of our clients and asked what their preferred methods of communication are, it’s text and email. Using this information, we made our software platform to communicate information in these forms and it allows us to interact with our clients on their schedule.

We don’t just sell a product we educate the grower after the sale.

Can you talk about your company culture?

There’s the saying – no one cares what you do, they care why you do it. At BMP Logic, our why is to glorify God in everything we do. Our company, like many others, started with an idea. We prayed that God would bless our business. We put God first in everything we do. If we can’t do anything else, we can smile, be upbeat, and have a positive attitude. There is always something new we can learn.

Whether it’s a new modem or a new sensor. Start with God, have a good attitude, and never quit learning.

What are some of the most pivotal moments you’ve had while growing your company?

I’d say there are two pivotal moments. First, we use an electronic device to give us a picture of what is happening below the surface with water and fertilizer in the form of graphs and numbers. One of our first clients made the statement, “Now I see it” referring to his irrigation’s events. It was then we realized this has the ability to really be transformational, making a difference to growers’ profitability yes, but also an impact on the environment.

The second moment was when I asked for help from a friend a mentor (Felix). He helped me put together an executive team to give me direction. The team held me accountable, helped me with focus and motivation.

Where do you hope to see BMP in the next few years?

We cover Florida from tip to tip and we’ve been expanding into other states. We’ve created a product that is easy to use, easy to understand, and takes the guesswork out of irrigation. Over the next few years, we want to grow our borders. Our eyes are on the global market and I know God’s going to bless us.

What is the best part about being CEO of BMP Logic?

The most rewarding moment is that ah-ha moment for a grower. When you are explaining to them what the data means and where it’s coming from and they finally get it. When they finally realize they’ve been doing the same practices for years without reason and we can cut their irrigation time in half and they can still make the same yield or better, that’s the most rewarding part. When it finally clicks for the grower is absolute, without a doubt, the best part about this business.

What does it mean to be selected as GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Honoree?

After we were selected, I looked at the list of the companies and there are some great companies there with fantastic leadership. For us, it’s quite humbling to be listed by those companies. It’s just real humbling.

What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be patient, be kind, be full of joy and love, but always, put God first and keep your customer’s problem in mind.

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