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Design Interactive

Design Interactive, Inc. is a women-owned small business specializing in building interconnected and interdependent extended Realty (XR) ecosystems that allow for plug-and-play of XR enablers, including digital twins, digital phenotypes, and automated human performance capture and assessment to drive a high-level of digital enablement.

Majority Owned by: Woman

Founded in: 1998


Orange County


Scientific Research & Development 

Kay Stanney

CEO & Founder

Was there an ‘ah-ha’ moment that led you to start your company?

Ultimately, my childhood foray into constructing and crafting, whether it be treehouses, inventive board games, or drawings of vintage cars, laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial venture. Design Interactive sprang forth from that inclination. My objective was to assemble a team of exceptional individuals and immerse them in a positive, immensely flexible, and fun work environment that offers abundant opportunities for autonomy, learning, and growth.

What’s your company culture like?

We couple an extremely creative, fun-loving, and innovative team with an office space that is designed to be inspirational and highly collaborative. This culture promotes collisions that lead to unique and successful human-empowering solutions One noteworthy aspect of our culture is the significantly higher representation of exceptionally talented females in technical roles compared to Fortune 100 tech firms in Silicon Valley.

What is your competitive edge?

We gain a competitive edge by steering clear of applying technology just for the sake of it. Instead, we adopt a scientifically-driven approach to leverage emerging technology in a way that genuinely empowers people and yields significant return on investment (ROI).

I am an avid reader, particularly delving into the entrepreneurial journeys of those who paved the way before me. Additionally, I actively engaged in the mentoring program offered by the American Academy of Entrepreneurs through the Edward Lowe Foundation. This experience proved invaluable, offering the chance to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs.

Our objective for the coming years is to support organizations in their digital transformation journey in a manner that optimizes both human and system elements, while also accelerating innovation that profoundly influences not just the bottom line but society as a whole.

Do you have a proudest moment so far?

I am proud that we have established an environment that fosters autonomy, learning, and growth for exceptionally talented individuals. 

What does it mean to be selected as an Honoree?

Being recognized among a cohort of highly successful entrepreneurs who contribute positively to the economy and their communities is a genuine honor. This recognition will significantly contribute to our brand visibility, a crucial factor in the success of our business.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

My business and life partner, John Stanney, has contributed critical business acumen and constructed the infrastructure via which DI has grown and flourished. I am deeply grateful for the guidance of my mentors, including Gavriel Salvendy, Robert Kennedy, Bill Swart, and John Davies, among others. They have played a crucial role in guiding me along my journey and offering valuable insights that have fueled my personal and professional growth.

What is your advice for aspiring or fellow business owners?

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is arduous and fraught with challenges that may seem insurmountable. Formulate a clear and focused vision to steer through tumultuous moments, avoiding significant course deviations unless supported by considerable data. Enrich your journey by surrounding yourself with exceptionally talented and positive-minded individuals who make the journey worthwhile.

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