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NLP Logix

NLP Logix is an AI and ML data product and services company that helps businesses in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, to improve their operations and make better decisions. The company’s services include predictive modeling, machine learning, AI-driven document processing, and robotic process automation.

Founded in: 2011


Duval County


Information Technology

Employee Growth 2019-2022

290% Increase

Revenue Growth 2019-2022

223% Increase

Ted Willich

Co-Founder, CEO

Matt Berseth

Co-Founder, CIO

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I grew up in Southern California and after graduating college, married my wife, Julie, of 35 years now.  Our first pivotal point was when I served as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps and was deployed close to 50% of the time in the first four years, including nine months during Desert Storm.  I learned a lot about leadership as well as how technology can be used as a strategic multiplier and apply those lessons to this day.

Another key pivotable moment came when I met Matt Berseth, my business partner and co-founder of NLP Logix.  Matt is a brilliant data scientist who competed on the world stage in data science competitions and is the visionary for our company’s technical and strategic direction.  This is particularly challenging as the pace of innovation in artificial intelligence is accelerating and he keeps us up to date so we can deliver value to our clients.

Was there an ah-hah moment that led you to your company?

The big ah-hah moment came in late 2011 when Matt competed in a data science contest hosted by Kaggle.  His winning machine learning model was designed to win a contest but could never be put into an organization’s production environment.  We saw lots of companies/organizations putting up thousands of dollars to sponsor these contests and decided to start a company to deliver machine learning/artificial intelligence solutions as a service. 

Tell us about NLP and the value you provide your customers.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and tools to automate our customers’ business processes.  Just about any repetitive task being done today by a business, that involves data, can be automated using the six core technologies that deliver AI today.

What’s your company culture like?

Our culture is all about the team and working together to solve hard problems for our customers.  We really focus on delivering an ROI for our customers and once we do so, we really become a trusted partner.

We have been delivering AI solutions for over 12 years now and there are very few proven teams out there that can say that.  There is a lot of talk today about AI but a very small number of actual companies that can deliver.

The biggest challenge was in the first two or three years.  It was difficult to educate clients on what AI can do for their organization and how that can be used to their competitive advantage.  Now that AI is ubiquitous and growing every day, the challenge is keeping up with the demand and growing the team responsibly.

Our executive leadership team is top notch so that is who we primarily lean upon to overcome hurdles.  Plus three of the five of us have worked together at a previous company so we have been working together for almost 20 years and have seen a lot together.

We have been consistently been able to maintain over 40% year over year growth and we hope to keep that going for the next five years and beyond.  We also want to continue to put Jacksonville on the map as a technology leader particularly as it pertains to the AI business solutions.

Every time I see a team member of NLP Logix grow both professionally and personally.

What does it mean to be selected as an Honoree?

It confirms our business model, strategy, and team which is important to have this validation.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

The team at NLP Logix and our families that support us in our work to satisfy our customers.

What is your advice for aspiring or fellow business owners?

Solve your customers problems and they will solve yours.

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