GrowFL CEO Roundtables – Peer Learning for Growth Companies

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GrowFL CEO Roundtables in Miami-Dade

Enhance leadership abilities and improve decision-making.

Peer learning is an educational process that second-stage entrepreneurs readily embrace. “Second-stagers are incredibly time-pressed people who don’t usually show up for traditional networking or educational events,” says Dino Signore, manager of entrepreneurial education at the Edward Lowe Foundation. “Because they’re so busy working on their businesses, second-stagers often feel very isolated. Being with other entrepreneurs is like discovering their long-lost tribe. For many, it’s the first time they feel they’re in a trusted environment and can talk openly about their businesses.”

About the GrowFL CEO Roundtables

GrowFL CEO Roundtables provides a confidential environment for discussing sensitive issues — both in their business and personal lives. Roundtables participants tell us that they have gotten new ideas on everything from marketing strategy and financial issues to dealing with difficult personnel problems. What’s more, the GrowFL CEO Roundtables also spark accountability and strong bonds among members.

Why join our sessions?

  • Confidentially address issues important to business owners by business owners;
  • Collaborate in proven, productive problem-solving sessions;
  • Customized feedback from trained facilitators and experts;
  • Build your network of successful businesses, potential partners, and local resources.

Participants in the GrowFL CEO Roundtables must meet the following criteria

  • Be the CEO, president, or business owner;
  • Be an independently owned, for-profit firm in Florida;
  • Employ between 6 and 150 employees;
  • Revenues between $750,000 and $100M; and
  • Intent and desire to grow beyond second-stage.

Take your company to the next level

  • More than 300 businesses participated
  • 20% increase in annual revenue and employment
  • Companies participating in both Roundtables and Strategic research grow 3x faster than their peers

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